Member Board

The speech of the Board members

The AK Premium Group is a group with a unique thought, as it seeks to establish and devote all its scientific and practical contents to progress and advancement in the fields of contracting, design and petroleum services, and we see that from the remarkable performance on the part of the technical staff and the administrative structure in expressing ideas that seek to provide  the utmost comfort in design, implementation and delivery on the systematic basis and at the specified time and how to use modern science in the field of contracting and oil services, which is in the interest of the customer in the first place. Therefore, the management and founders of the group seek scientific and practical development to all the group’s members. Which returns to them with science and knowledge, and I can only thank everyone for these efforts made by them. Therefore, we say, with science, we rise and with cooperation we make progress.

Mr. Khaled Hussain Bujarrah

Chairman of the Board of Directors and one of the founders. He holds a BA and MA degrees in “Geology” from Kuwait University and participated in many local and international scientific conferences. He has experience in oil and field sector and rial state development. He participated as instructor in Kuwait university for science collage.

Eng. Abdullah Ali Al-Hajri

Vice chairman of the bored and one of the founders – Architect, Master  degree of Engineering Sciences – Architectural Engineering, has many scientific papers, research and engineering articles and participated as a lecturer in many international and private conferences in building sciences, architectural engineering and sustainability, including special conferences in materials and technology of nano, who won the first place in the architectural competition for a memorial held by the Ministry of Public Works, and an engineer seconded to the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training Authority, participated in the design and study of several local and regional architectural projects.