Business Lines

KAF for Oil and Gas fields

KAF for Oil & Gas / Industrial division is one of the core operations subsidiaries of the AK Premium Group operating in the fields of petroleum services industrial contracting, oil and power sectors, construction, and industrial maintenance etc. with the capability of meeting the challenges of technology, quality conformance and customer satisfaction, while ensuring cost competitiveness, efficient operation handling & scheduled execution with perfect integration of facilities and resources. The Oil & Gas division activities can be further divided into the following operational areas.


AK Premium Group has a comprehensive team of highly skilled and experienced professionals. Our Building Division is capable of handling and executing any kind of building construction works. During a short period, the Building Division has been successfully classified by the Central Tenders Committee. The Building Division has executed several types of projects for the governmental & private sectors.  Examples include commercial & residential buildings and the rehabilitation of schools & hospitals.


AK Design Studio is a unique workplace in Kuwait which has a qualified team working in several projects such as small shopping markets and commercial and residential towers with new concepts which can help customers and investors achieve their objectives.


AK Premium for exporting and importing is a very active company in Kuwait working in supplying and selling products for a wide range including consumption parts, export and import shipments and logistics.