About us

Ak premium is a limited liability company incorporated by professional engineers and the management and supervision are  Kuwaiti-based object in an area «Sharq», divided its activities into general contracting for the building, design, and decoration. And it had many activities for the company in its fields, and the company aims to accuracy and workmanship and to move on, coupled with the client agreement, including a full satisfaction of the parties, where the founders of the company is seeking to consecrate and cushioning scientific and practical experience gained from the local and regional market, where the Premium to any company aspiring to achieve the vision and goals that the founders have sought to achieve, through their scientific knowledge and practical experience and using the latest technology in the field of construction.

Who are we?

We are a Kuwaiti group of companies established by Kuwaiti hands and its headquarters is located at “Al-Mirqab” area, where its activities are divided into (general contracting for buildings, design, oil services, decoration, import and export). It is a company that has a lot of activities in its fields, and it aims at accuracy, Perfection and proceeding with the agreement associated with the client, in which the two parties are fully satisfied, Where the founders of the group seek to devote and consolidate their gained scientific and practical experiences from the local and regional market to serve the other party, as the group aspires to achieve the vision.

The Vision

The region witnesses great developments in the construction and petroleum fields through the use of the latest methods and technology that contribute and initiate the compliance of the latent materials and full compliance in terms of architecture or petroleum services. This progress has achieved a lot in both fields. In the architectural field, it has contributed to the construction of the complex architectural designs that contribute to achieving and meeting the needs of the continuous urban revolution that would advance the region and make it in the ranks of developed countries, and as per the case in the field of oil services that lead to the extraction and optimal use of the natural materials inherent in the region. Therefore, we, as Kuwaiti engineers and administrators, have decided to contribute to the representation of the previous sectors. Through the dedication and use of scientific and practical experience in this region and aims to be one of the companies contributing to this renaissance and this progress.

Objectives of the Group

Growth and renaissance in all areas of the group “engineering, architectural, petroleum, and economic”, as it ranks among the advanced companies in its fields by using its scientific and practical expertise.